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College Park, Georgia – Off Broadway Star Kevin Byrd stars in One Night Only April 17, 2010

College Park, Georgia – Off Broadway Star Kevin Byrd stars in One Night Only Play in his 1st Georgia Debut as Samuel Johnson a rich successful Lawyer in “The Queen Bee" an Original Screen Play April 17th, 2010

Award Winning Actor/Prostate Cancer Awareness Advocate Kevin Byrd

About: Kevin Byrd is an Award Winning actor, motivational speaker, writer, producer, and BrownByrd Prostate Cancer Foundation Founder/CEO. Kevin Byrd has received 80 International proclamations and honors from: Queen Elizabeth and Buckingham Palace, His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, President Barack Obama, President George Bush, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, New York Governor David A. Patterson, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, 100 International Mayor(s) Across The Nation

Media Accomplishments : Kevin Byrd's work has received National and International Media Attention in 200 publications circulating 80 million people.(Special Media Placement on ,Epoch International Times, New York Amsterdam Newspaper, Radius Magazine, Vibe Magazine, IFlow Magazine, King Magazine,, Hush Magazine, Rolling Out, Urban Buzz Magazine, Parle Magazine, New York Beacon, Caribbean Life, New York Times, Hempstead Times, Black Star News, BET etc..)

Kevin Byrd's work in February2nd,2010 (Black History Month) has been honored by over 100 National Mayor/Government officials around American and has earned 80 International Proclamation Awards on behalf of 550 million people(half a billion people);making him the 1st and youngest African American Male Actor to achieve such Historical Achievements under 30years old.

On November 2nd, 2009 a KEVIN BYRD DAY was designated and Proclaimed in the Dekalb County, Georgia on behalf of 1,000,000 people. Kevin Byrd is one of the 1st and youngest African American male to have this honor since 1822.

King Magazine, states "Kevin Byrd is a Revolutionary Entertainer".

Parle Magazine, states "Kevin Byrd is a True Rising Superstar"

Caribbean Life, states "Kevin Byrd is a Soulful/powerful Actor and Humanitarian to be acknowledged by millions"

Hempstead Times states, "Kevin Byrd is one of the most Influential African American young Males in New York City and across America a true Icon"

Now a full-time resident of the state of Georgia, Kevin has dived headfirst into community activism while continuing to promote prostate cancer awareness. Kevin is currently preparing for his 2010 International Prostate Cancer Awareness Tour in addition to performances of his One-Man, Off Broadway production "RELEASE".

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Queen Bee" an Original Screen Play

Once again, Russell M. Tyson has created an outstanding piece! Where does he get it from, Who knows and/or cares? We just know it has to be seen! For the dialog, directions, costuming, sound effects and more; it's going to be crazy!

"Queen Bee" is the marketing concept of the living environment between rich and poor; of any race and gender! This production demonstrates the characterization of majority; far as style, stereotyping and much more.

In the myth of a woman who strives each moment of her life to be more than just the average woman; yet she has little education, one talent, strong hustle for her goal and huge ego. How did she get her "wealth?" Well, in order to know, you have to be a part of this next dynamic piece, written by Russell M. Tyson, playwright of Atlanta. Or come out and see for yourself

Opening Night - VIP Meet & Greet: Receive a Signed Autograph & Picture from Award-Winning Actor Kevin Byrd

New Stage Play Release - "Queen Bee"
April 17th, 2010 (Saturday)

Where: College Park Auditorium
3631 Main Street
Atlanta, Georgia 30337

When: April 17th 2010
7pm (Doors open at 6pm)
Purchase Tickets: $15.00

For More Info: James Keaton, Production Manager,
(404) 455-1169

For More Info: James Keaton, Production Manager,
(404) 455-1169 Visit:

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